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Smoked beef tatar 42 pln

Beef tenderloin/pine sprouts/mustard/picled cucumber/sosu-vide yolk/demi glace

Herring tatar 35 pln

Baltic herring/ capers /shallot/ apple/ avocado /myonnaise edible soil/ dill olive oil

Snails 38 pln

Snails/shallot/garlic/white wine/bread

Veal 35 pln

veal/sprouts sauce/arugula/capers/cherry tomatoes


Broth of guineafowl with dumplings 19 pln

Soup of sorrel with lard 23 pln

Homemade soup  (served cold) 20 pln


Dumpling with goat cheese and chard 27 pln

Dumplings with duck and apple sauce 29 pln

Dumplings with guineafowl and cherry souce 28 pln


Salad with brest of guineafowl 38 pln

Brest of guineafowl/ citrus/ mix salads/ mix fruits

Salad with roast beef 38 pln

Roast beef/ chicory/ Polish strawberry/ mixed vegetables bread/ souce with dandelion

Main Dishes

Steak 95 pln

Beef tenderloin/hash browns/ glazed root vegetables. Peper sauce

Deer 59 pln

Deer tenderloin/ seaberry/ mushroom powder/ carrot/ parsley

Pork chop 45 pln

Pork chop/ new potatoes/ cucumber salad

Cheeks of bovine animals 65 pln

Cheeks of bovine animals/new potatoes/ young cabbage /oyster mushrooms

Duck 59 pln

Confit leg of duck/linguine/ glazed apple/ rhubarb and raspberry souce

Zander 55 pln

Perch/spinach linguine/ chives salad/ butter sauce with Garlic

Trout 39 pln

Trout/ homemade pasta with herbs/baked black Garlic/cherry tomatoes sauce


Vegetarian dishes

Cabbage Rolls 32 pln

Oyster mushrooms/bulgur/tomato sauce/ vegatables

Children’s menu

Tomato soup witch linguine 15 pln

Chicken soup with carrot and homemade pasta 15 pln

Breaded chicken filet with chips and carrot 19 pln

Dumplings with cream cheese and strawberry with rhubarb souce 19 pln